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Advanced Plan

Low member costs

The Advanced Plan is for anyone who expects to use their plans more frequently than most.

The Advantages of the Advanced Plan

  • No visit limits or maximum payouts

    Your member fee covers applicable services as many times as you need. You aren't restricted to a certain number of visits to your doctor or for tests before you have to pay for the full cost out-of-pocket.

  • Expanded PPO network

    Common services with member fees are part of two large PPO networks. Hospital and major services have no provider restrictions.

  • Low member fees for the widest variety of services

    Take care of common services like doctor visits, tests, and prescriptions with set, low out-of-pocket costs.

  • Free 24/7 telemedicine

    Get access to care anywhere, anytime with $0 virtual telemedicine.


Who is the Advanced Plan for?

The Advanced Plan is a great fit for anyone who regularly uses their healthcare beyond just preventive check-ups, such as families with young children, people who regularly visit specialists, or people with recurring prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healthshare?

A healthshare, also known as medical cost sharing, is a nonprofit program that provides an organized structure for a community of members to contribute toward each other’s medical costs.

What is ClearShare?

ClearShare is healthshare; a membership-based community of individuals established for the purpose of sharing eligible healthcare expenses between Members as described in the Member Guidelines. ClearShare is not insurance.

When can I enroll in ClearShare?

You can enroll in a ClearShare membership at any time.

When does my membership start?

For ClearShare memberships, your effective date is on the first of the next month, or the first of a future month.

How long does my membership last?

You will keep your membership for 1 year after your effective date.

Can I switch my membership?

You can only switch memberships (to/from Advanced or Basic) at your 1-year renewal date or during Open Enrollment.

Members may choose to change their Annual Maximum ($1000, $2500, $5000) at your 1-year renewal date or during Open Enrollment.

Love from Our Community

Hear it from our members: There's lots to love.

Chad and Jen Beasley
Chad and Jen Beasley
Clearwater Member
EXP Realty
Jimmy N.
Clearwater Member
Jeff Levitan
Jeff Levitan
CEO, Bettr
Brandon and Mary Snyder
Brandon and Mary Snyder
Clearwater Member

Clearwater took the time to listen and help us explore what would work best for us. Within two months, we had saved enough money through the plan we chose to cover the premium for one month. I highly recommend Clearwater for an honest look at your healthcare.

Ashley A.
Clearwater Member

Our teams love Clearwater and their benefits. They deliver immense value to our most important partner, our independent contractor real estate agents. Clearwater is a game changer, a trusted partner, and an important part of the eXp growth story.

Glenn Sanford
Glenn Sanford
CEO eXp Realty

I’m already saving $$$, plus the health benefits are much better! This is truly one of the best

Jesse G.
Jesse G.

Better care. Better cost.


Average annual savings


Network upgrade


Out-of-pocket savings

*Estimate is based on an average of annual data and will not apply to every individual customer.

Is the Advanced Plan right for you?

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